Robotic process automation is a type of business process automation technology that relies on artificial intelligence/digital workforce or metaphorical software robots. referred described as software robots at times. Robotic process automation nowadays makes cross-functional work possible using machine learning tools for automated decision making, automation created with machine learning, data mining, and process management.

Advantages of RPA

RPA boosts performance, increase income and decrease operational costs. Main benefits are:

  • increase efficiency
  • speed up process
  • reduce mistake
  • decrease employment and cost

Improve Automation

Businesses with RPA reported that their process cost is reduced by 80%. They also noticed great impact on their:

  • process quality
  • logging
  • auditability

Attended & Unattended Bots

One of the themes we anticipate surfacing in the near future is an accelerated shift towards participatory automation. To automate more processes and increase the returns on their current investments in robotic process automation, organizations all over the world are aware that they need to empower their employees through participatory automation. Participatory automation or in other words Desktop automation, enhances the capabilities of bots. An active automation bot helps staff provide superior customer service by automating repetitive office operations more quickly and correctly.

Future of RPA

The number of employees using robotic process automation (RPA) is expected to rise by 88% until 2024.

RPA Solutions

Our RPA Solutions are created to ease your digital transformation and can do various tasks such as:

  • Can do your Excel operations
  • You can read and send your emails
  • Can use your Web or Desktop apps
  • It can import data from your Scanned or Digital documents such as Invoice, License, Tax plate, etc.
  • Can decide on your Well Defined processes
  • It can perform operations such as database read-write
  • Creating your own report
  • Monitoring and scaling your processes
  • Ability to assign user roles and responsibilities
  • Ability to control your virtual workforce 24/7 whenever you want
  • Can be scheduled
  • It can increase efficiency
  • You can use your robots as Attended or Unattended without paying an extra license fee