About Us

About Us

SUITECH was established to provide digital solutions for building and transforming businesses in all industries including banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, public sector, manufacturing, retail, telecom, IT, accounting, contact center, QA/testing, and HR through refined growth strategy, cutting-edge design, and advanced app development.

Specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Web and Mobile Application Development, Cyber Security, and Data Science & Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), SUITECH exceeds clients’ expectations in their digital transformation journeys.

Under the leadership of Serdar Demir, who is proficient in multiple programming languages as well as both front and back-end development with over 20 years of industry experience in critical government projects, SUITECH aims to become a trusted partner while revolutionizing your business with digital solutions.

Our mission

Create value sharpening competitive edge of clients through custom software products and services we offer.

Our vision

Broaden client base globally with our efficiency-oriented perspective while investing in long-term business partnerships.